Achillea Endeavours Farmer and Artist’s Grants


Update: The deadline to apply for this grant has been extended to March 31, 2016

Update on February 25th: A generous donation of $500 has been added to the farmer’s grant for a total of $2100 available!

Call for proposals.

Do you have a project related to your farm or connected to farming that is rooted in holistic care of the earth? You may be eligible for our Farmer or Artist’s Grant.

Achillea Endeavours is pleased to offer two grants to the farming and artistic communities of the Ottawa area.

Farmer’s Grant  

This grant is for certified & non-certified organic farm and garden businesses who are looking for funding to help support a project that falls within the following eligible categories: soil improvement or research on soil improvement, other research on ecological gardening practices, educational events/workshops, self-education, community development, artistic project.

Artist’s Grant

This grant is for an artistic project that is connected to ecological farming and agriculture. The aim of this grant is to foster relationships between farmers and artists by engaging in an artistic process that is inspired by the life of the farm through visual arts, literary arts, music, movement arts, or puppetry/dramatic arts.

The deadline for both the Farmer and Artist’s grant is Thursday, March 31st 2016.

Download the Grant Application.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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