Achillea Endeavours values the holistic care of the earth by supporting eco-farming practices. It was created alongside the genesis of the first biodynamic farm in Ottawa in 2001. In 2005 Achillea Endeavours received its charitable status.

Since its inception, Achillea Endeavours has given several grants to individuals in the Ottawa region to benefit from biodynamic farming courses, and over the years it has facilitated educational farming programs for school children and people with disabilities.  It continues with the provision of agricultural employment training through eco-farming apprenticeships and is currently supporting the Start-Up Farm Program at Just Food.  Achillea Endeavours is also pleased to support Earth Path, a non-profit organisation based in the Ottawa region, dedicated to fostering meaningful relationships between people and the natural world through nature school programs for children, field walks for adults, and workshops for teachers.

Achillea Endeavours strives to create opportunities to foster relationships with artists and those who work on the land by organizing artistic events in conjunction with its fundraising activities and it works to advance the general public’s understanding and appreciation of the interface between culture and agriculture, while facilitating the meeting of artists and farmers.

If you wish to support the work of Achillea Endeavours, please visit our Canada Helps page here or become a member.


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